All The Things I Eat

Donut Bowl

By on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 5:06 am

These little guys make a sweet appetizer.

Dumont’s donuts might almost be as famous as their burger. Available at brunch, these little sugar covered balls are light and crispy on the outside.

432 Union Avenue

Oversized Zeppole

By on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 6:38 am

Zeppole from Led Zeppole

Led Zeppole, part of the Artichoke Pizza empire, is like a carnival fried food stand on 14th Street.

Traditional Zeppole originate in Italy with different regions producing their own unique varieties. Owing to the large population of Italian immigrants, zeppole have found their way to street fairs, carnivals, and the boardwalk shacks across New York and New Jersey.

Commonly, zeppole are small, light dough balls fried and covered in powered or crystalized sugar.

These dough balls from Led Zeppole are unexpectedly heavy. They are larger too, with a hole in the center for even frying. They are coated in powdered sugar but also rainbow sprinkles, another addition I didn’t expect.

Zeppole in New York

Zeppole in the bag with powered sugar and sprinkles

Led Zeppole
328 East 14th Street

Foie Gras Filled Donut

By on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 3:56 am

I kicked off New York City’s Great Googa Mooga festival with a donut stuffed with fattened goose liver.

A foie gras filled donut combines two of the world’s great delicacies: deep fried dough and foie gras. Ethicists might have legitimate complaints, but omnivores interested in flavor shouldn’t.

The Prospect Park food and music festival kicked off yesterday. Free tickets for the festival sold out in just a few hours weeks earlier. My friends and I planned on registering for Sunday’s tickets just as soon as they were available. The pre-sales had exploded and we knew we had a small window to reserve our tickets.

All morning, I kept refreshing the website to register. At five minutes to noon I sent an email saying “ThunderCats are go!” so my friends would know registration had opened prematurely. I was referencing popular indie film Juno, where the title character yells the same line as her water bursts; apparently this is also a reference to a 1980s cartoon that I was never allowed to watch as a child.

We had been warned ahead of time that inside we could expect long lines, water shortages, and a severe lack of bathrooms. Ater a quick stop at the Brooklyn Public Library’s bathrooms, we encountered our first line leading into the festival gates. I was beginning to regret skipping breakfast.

Inside we agreed on a “we might get lost” meeting location and headed off to sate our appetites. Hunger had seriously set in as we passed by the rows of ice cream venders. I was very hungry now. So we took up positions on the beer line.

After what seemed an eternity waiting for a beer costing roughly the same per ounce as inkjet printer ink, my decision to skip breakfast now demanded I find the shortest possible food vender line. Fate directed me towards the $11 foie gras donut from Do Or Dine, a Brooklyn based donut shop.

The donut was good, but unremarkable, which is surprising considering it was the second most expensive item I ended up purchasing all day. The general conclusion was that stuffing foie gras up a donut’s butt was good but unimaginative. There really isn’t much creativity in taking one sinful food and stuffing another sinful food inside and calling it something new. Or put another way, there are better things to be done with foie gras.

Do or Dine Foie Gras filled donut at the GoogaMooga festival

Do or Dine
1108 Bedford Avenue

Starr Deli Donut

By on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 6:25 am

A european style jelly donut

Donuts are sort of the perfect food: compact, sweet, and cheap.

I had been walking around Greenpoint hoping to find some for rent signs for the perfect apartment, like fate would lead me there. Instead I saw Starr deli.

The donuts lined the window of the shop which was mostly a deli. But I figured, sure, what hell, let’s give it a try. I’d had a lot of luck with random, small bakeries.

This particular jelly donut reminded of of Europe. The dough was denser than most donuts, heavy both in the hand and in the mouth. I felt there was too little jelly. But then again, there was some hint of flavor — lemon, perhaps, though really I’m not sure at all — that hinted to some mythic ideal of Europe.

Starr Deli
207 Starr Street

Ich bin ein Berliner

By on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Plum jelly filled donut / berliner from the Old German Bakery in Hoboken, NJ

German style jelly donuts are known as Berliners.

Its a lesson John F. Kennedy famously learned during a speech in Berlin attempting to say, “I am a Berliner,” or as he actually said in the German, “I am a Jelly Donut.”

The German bakery is an unassuming little shop on Washington Street in Hoboken. Sadly, most Hoboken tourists would rather wait in line for two hours at the overrated Carlo’s Bakeshop, made famous on the TLC show Cake Boss.

The Berliners were available in chocolate, berry and plum. I chose the least obvious: plum jelly. The plum jelly was thicker than I expected, and I’d probably rather have berry next time.

Plum Jelly in a Berliner

Old German Bakery
332 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030