Cupcakes Are the Bastard Stepchildren of Cake and Frosting

By on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 6:03 am

As a food fad, cupcakes seem to be heading down the backside of the popularity curve, but every now and then I find myself staring down a handful of the minicakes.

The cupcake trend has been on going for close to a decade. Some of their popularity can be traced to Sex and the City, responsible for putting Magnolia Bakery on the map. What followed after Magnolia’s appearance on the television was a sudden run in the cupcake bubble.

Billy’s Bakery knocked off Magnolia’s style. Sprinkles Cupcakes, begun in California, kicked off an east coast – west coast rivalry. Some demographers have even mapped gentrification by the presence of capcakeries.

So one afternoon my roommate wanted something sweet and since I was headed out anyway, I agreed to pick up a selection of cupcakes from Jersey City’s CupCake Salon. The arrival of a cupcakery in Jersey City signaled either that the fad had peaked (probably), Jersey City has arrived as destination (possibly), and that there are worse things than a minicake topped with frosting.

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CupCake Salon
335 Grove Street
Jersey City


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