Pork Belly Bánh mì

By on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 5:01 am

Pork Belly Bánh mì from Broken Rice

Broken Rice offers a standard bánh mì, but nothing distinctive.

In a crowded field of bánh mì sandwich shops, Broken Rice fails to distinguish itself. The bread is fine, but not spectacular; the flavors are correct, but not exceptional; the meat is present, but not remarkable.

The bánh mì is rapidly spreading across the city as an inexpensive, ethnic food of choice (no doubt the less affordable luxury version will be appearing on gourmet menus soon). But the widespread availability of the bánh mì, while a welcomed trend, also means subpar imitators.

I have the impression Broken Rice rather focus on the noodle soups with the sandwich selection an after thought. For five dollars, this sandwich was assured a regular rotation in the light dinner line up, but a recent price bump to six dollars makes this just another Vietnamese take out restaurant.

Broken Rice
580 Grand Street


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