Spring Onions

By on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 6:16 am

Spring onion from Tia Pol alt NYC's GoogaMooga

Next up at Googa Mooga, I ate some roasted spring onions, known as Calçots.

As the afternoon progressed, we made our way to the venders on the westside of the main stage. Here the heavy hitters were Colichio and Sons and Luke’s Lobster. Both stands had long lines even while others around them seemed far more manageable; fine by me, I know where their real life storefronts are anyway.

Instead, I honed in on the little shop with the shortest line selling roasted spring onions. They were sweet and had that lovely dark char that vegetables under high heat often produce. They were a bit stringy, especially for a plastic knife and fork, but everyone sampling the dish seemed surprised they were eating an onion.

Calçots from Tia Pol

Tía Pol
205 Tenth Avenue


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