But Wait, The Parade of Googa Mooga Goodness Continues

By on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 at 6:18 am

The Great Googa Mooga has dominated this blog all week but its time to say goodbye.

In the interest of wrapping things up cleanly, I’ve put together a special Sunday post that includes a whole selection of smaller items that didn’t necessarily warrant a whole post all on their own.

This was a deep fried egg roll filled with meat and served with some sort of barbecue sauce. It was good, but also greasy.

Cookin with Coolio
The Internet


blackberry macaroon

Macaroons have taken off as “a thing,” one of the more recent (and sweeter) food fads. I finally understand why. They are light and sweet and come in pretty pastel colors.

Millefeuille Bakery Cafe
552 Laguardia Place

Even though I’ve previously had some Arancini rice balls, some of my friends wanted more. They were good and a bit crispier, but a bit of “been there done that.”

Arancini Bros.
940 Flushing Avenue

Crispy fried plantains were literally the last thing I ate at the Great Googa Mooga.

El Olomega
Red Hook Ball Fields


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