Chorizo and Corn Cake

By on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 5:12 am

The rise of Chorizo as the everyday sausage is a fad I can get behind.

Its hard these days not to find Chorizo on the menu of a halfway decent restaurant, especially moonlighting as breakfast sausage. I can’t really complain. Chorizo is spicier and more flavorful than ordinary breakfast sausage and has that lovely reddish orange color.

The Lodge is supposedly a fancy kind of brunch place, but they just happened to have an open outdoor table when we showed up. My friends and I had wandered by a half dozen other places with hour long waits.

The corn cakes had a nice crispiness and the poached eggs had been cooked splendidly with their golden yolks cascading across the mess of food.

The Lodge
18 Grand Street


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