Eggs Florentine

By on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 5:23 am

If there is anyway to make spinach unhealthy, adding a health dose of hollandaise sauce will do the trick.

We were arrived at the close of the brunching hour looking to escape the afternoon’s heat and were given a spacious table near the back of the covered patio. During the brief interim waiting for a table, storm clouds rallied and two minutes after sitting found ourselves scurrying from the spout of rain crashing down through the awning.

Never mind all that. We received a new table under a slightly less temporary roof and sat about stuffing ourselves.

Too often, the eggs benedict family of dishes ends up some kind of culinary copout; hollandaise slopped over a mess of food disguises some shortcoming of the chef.

At Dumont, better known for their famous burger, the exactness of preparation proved otherwise. The precisely poached eggs and the crispy toasted bread all spoke to a dish that could stand without even a dash of hollandaise.

432 Union Avenue


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