Cocktail Jello Shots

By on Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at 6:49 am

Gin Gimlet jello shots

The first thing I thought when the hostess announced she had made jello shots was: “we gonna get sloppy.”

Then she explained she had made gin gimlets, sidecars, Pimm’s and mimosa jello shots. Cocktails. Jello. I thought this sounded great until I saw them, and then my mind melted at the beauty of solid alcoholic cocktail cubes.

The gin gimlets were my favorite, and not just because Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald were known for fueling their drunken escapades on the cocktail, but because the tart lime countered the gin.

The sidecars tasted the most like the cocktail they intended to replicate, which is to say, like a sidecar, although everyone seemed to agree that the Pimm’s were the most dessert like.

When I asked how they were made, all I told was that they “came from a book.” I can only imagine a witch’s spell book, as these were truly magical creations.


Sidecar as a jello shot


Pims jello shots

Cucumber and Tarragon Mimosa (Virgin)

Cucumber and Tarragon jellos

The Bettison’s
Jersey City


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