Lava Fries

By on Monday, June 18th, 2012 at 6:22 am

Lava fries are doused in hot sauce before having melted mozzarella cheese poured over them

Lava Fries are French fries doused in hot sauce before mozzarella cheese is broiled on top.

Lava Fries are a spicier cousin of the New Jersey diner favorite Disco Fries (And Disco Fries in turn are more refined cousin of northerner’s Poutine). Lava Fries are a regular menu item at the one campus bar serving Rutgers University, Newark.

Often after I finished my nighttime graduate classes, I’d end up with a beer or two at McGovern’s tavern and inevitably someone would order a plate of Lava Fries. They are greasy and spicy all at once, but if you take your time eating them they congeal into a messy pile of greasy cheese.

Lava fries from McGovern's Tavern in Newark

McGovern’s Tavern
58 New Street
Newark, New Jersey


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