The Turnover that Saved Christmas

By on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 6:26 am

Apple Turnover at Moishe's Bakeshop in Manhattan

I happened to come across Moishe’s Bakeshop on a warm December day and came away with this apple turnover.

Christmas shopping hung over me oppressively. I was hunting for perfect gifts for essentially everyone. I had been walking around the East Village hoping for inspiration. And then I happened on Moishe’s, a glowing beacon of deliciousness. The funny thing is, I’ve walked by Moishe’s dozens of times before and never seen the shop before.

I know why of course. Usually I’m on Second Avenue only late at night, half drunk on cheap beer.

The crust was crispy and the filling smooth. Afterward, with renewed pastry strength, I found myself purchasing gifts at Toy Tokyo. Christmas was saved.

Moishe’s Bakeshop
115 Second Avenue


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