Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken

By on Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 6:50 am

Spicy BBQ chicken platter

College campuses usually produce a variety of cheap food like this Spicy Korean Barbecue chicken from Danny’s.

Rutgers University’s Newark campus isn’t exactly a place you’ll find fine dining, but there are comfort foods like this Korean style chicken platter served over what I imagine is about a pound of rice. There is even a side salad.

Attending graduate classes at night left little time between work and class to grab food. Danny’s though was always fast and will forever remind of my days there.

The chicken could have been spicier, but did avoid the failings of many low cost Asian inspired cuisines: I never felt it was too greasy.

The salad was a nice touch because you could always convince yourself you were having something green.

Spicy chicken BBQ

Platter of rice, chicken and salad from Danny's in Newark

164 University Avenue
Newark, New Jersey


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