Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese

By on Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Pork roll dripping with melted cheese

Taylor Ham is a classic north Jersey breakfast staple. In south Jersey, its known as pork roll. Everywhere else, it doesn’t exist.

Taylor Ham is a (the) brand of processed pork meat wrapped up like a giant sausage and then sliced neatly into three inch diameter pieces. Its largely only available in New Jersey, New York City and the Philadelphia metropolitan region.

Taylor, egg and cheese is a common breakfast sandwich, something Wikipedia calls a “Jersey Breakfast,” that consists of a fried egg, American cheese, and Taylor ham on a hard roll. I usually get mine from a local food truck, but any diner and many delis will offer the T-E-C all day long.

I probably eat too many Taylor, egg and cheese sandwiches. But the meal is cheap and readily available. Plus just look at it. How coudl anyone resist?

Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich


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